About The Date Association

National Date Association of Iran is the official body to determine defined organizational strategies. It is one of the largest known associations in Iran, which has started its activities under the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture since 2008.

This association has been established aiming at covering all date palm regions and planning to establish the necessary strategies to introduce and supply Iranian date cultivars internationally and always seeks to improve production, processing, and marketing methods so that it can help Iran reach its original position in sale of this paradisal fruit.

Objectives and services of the National Date Association of Iran

Efforts to organize production (palms, packaging and processing industries), trade (export and import) of dates and its products

Marketing and obtaining information about supply and demand, prices of production and consumer markets, analyzing information to provide with members using global achievements

Participation in public sector decision-making and provision of advice to make optimal decisions and guidance to protect national interests and members

Establishing relationships with banks and credit organizations of the country as well as international financial and monetary organizations within the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and paving the way for financial credits and facilities

Creating a database in areas related to the goals and tasks of the association and providing a network of activists (producers, industry owners and traders of dates and its products)

Providing advisory and legal services to members

Carrying out any research and scientific activities inside and outside the country to enhance the knowledge of gardeners and farmers in the country within the framework of the relevant regulations in order to achieve the goals of the National Date Association of Iran

Continuous participation in specialized international exhibitions to display and visit the state-of-the-art achievements and capabilities of the industry

Enhancing the activists’ knowledge level in the field of date through organizing training courses

Introducing the National Date Association of Iran to corresponding international bodies as the only official private reference of Iranian dates